Risk Tool


The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is an independent, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the largest sustainable forestry certification program in North America, covering nearly 80 million hectares. SFI helps to fund the development of the FLA Risk Tool through its Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program, which fosters partnerships between organizations interested in improving forest management in the United States and Canada, and responsible procurement globally. Projects funded under the Program address topics of current importance such as improving wildlife habitat management and conservation of biodiversity, avoiding controversial sources of fiber such as those resulting from illegal logging, and assisting local communities through forest education programs and green building projects for low-income families.



The Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) is WWF’s initiative to eliminate illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management, while transforming the global marketplace into a force for saving the world’s valuable and threatened forests. First established in 1991, it is the world’s longest-running forest trade programme of its kind, providing assistance to more than 250 strategically selected buyers, suppliers and producers from across the spectrum of the forest products sector who are committed to demonstrating leadership and implementing best practices in the areas of responsible forest management and trade. GFTN operation mirrors the global forest products industry by maintaining a global network of national or regional GFTN offices with over 50 staff members who provide knowledge and technical assistance in over 30 producing and consuming countries.

TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, works to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature.