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Ruth NogueronLoretta Cheung

Brazil is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. What is less known is that the country is the fourth largest industrial roundwood (timber left as logs, not sawn into planks) and wood pulp producer and ninth largest paper producer in the world. Brazil’s forest sector contributed 5 percent to the national gross domestic product in 2012. Brazil’s forests are not only home to communities and a haven for biodiversity, they are also part of the country’s economic backbone.

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Ruth Nogueron
World Resources Institute
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Anne Middleton
Esta serie de estudios de caso pretende demostrarles a los compradores comerciales de madera y de productos basados en el papel, especialmente aquellos quienes comercializan especies y/o extraen de lugares con un percibido riesgo de ilegalidad, cómo sus cadenas de suministro pueden avenirse a los requisitos de legalidad de los Estados Unidos, referentes a la importación de ciertos tipos de madera.