ImazonGEO Tool: Legality Map

The Forest Legality Alliance partnered with Imazon, the Amazon Institute of People and the Environment, to build on ImazonGEO, a map server tool that provides map-based information about the Brazilian Amazon. The “legality” section of the map server allows users to select from a list of exporting companies and locate the geographic origin of the wood on the map.  Information available includes:

  • Publicly available information regarding the forest management authorizations by exporting companies; information includes period of validity of the harvesting, authorized volume and area, logged area, species authorized for harvesting, HTS code, and departure, intermediary and arrival ports;

  • Geographic data showing areas under forest management plans and areas of authorized and non-authorized logging (from 2007 to 2011);

  • IMAZON’s evaluation of forest management practices within each permit area based on remote sensing image observation using the Normalized Difference Fraction Index*, supplemented with field observation, and

  • Location of ports along with commonly shipped commodities and destination in the United States.

ImazonGEO Mapping Tool

Guide to using the Legality Map