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Atlas cedar Cedrus atlantica

Also know as: Argan, Atlas deodar

Cedrus atlantica Cedrus atlantica timber

Cedrus atlantica, often called Atlas cedar, is a large tree (up to 40 m high) native to the Atlas and Riff Mountains of Algeria and Morocco. It is a fast-growing tree found between 1000 and 2000 m elevation.

C. atlantica produces fragrant, durable wood used in furniture, joinery, and veneer. The scent makes it especially popular for clothing storage furniture. Atlas cedar trees also produce cedarwood oil, an essential oil sold and used for medicinal purposes as well as in fragrances. Its IUCN Red List status is “lower risk/least concern.”

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Endangered
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Cedrus atlantica is not CITES listed and at time of research, is not subject to international or national trade bans or restrictions.

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