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Caribbean longleaf pitch pine Pinus oocarpa

Also know as: Ocote chino, Ocote, oocarpa pine, pino prieto, pino de Colorado, pino amarillo, Nicaraguan pitch pine, ocote pine, West coast pitch pine, pino avellano, Mexican yellow pine, hazelnut pine, Chaj, chictaj, ichtaj

Pinus oocarpa

P. oocarpa is a coniferous tree native to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. It is the national tree of Guatemala and is the most common pine species found in southern Mexico and Central America. The tree can grow to 35m in height and grows best in areas with deep soil and high annual rainfall.

P. oocarpa wood is light yellow with moderate density. It is used for plywood, construction, boxes and crates, fuel wood, railroad ties, boat building, flooring, and resin production. Its IUCN Red List status is “lower risk/least concern.” P. oocarpa trees are also grown on plantations, though it has many drawbacks, such as slow initial growth rate and low resilience to wind, disease, and low nutrient conditions.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Lower Risk/Least Concern
Associated Risks:

Pinus oocarpa is not CITES listed and at time of research, is not subject to international or national trade bans or restrictions.

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