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Korean Pine Pinus koraiensis

Also know as: Korean cedar, chosen-goyo, chosen-matsu, hong song, silver ray

Pinus koraiensis

P. koraiensis, is a coniferous white-pine tree native to Korea, Japan, and the Ussuri River basin of China and Russia. The tree can grow up to 30m tall and grows in subalpine forests (1300-2500m). The Korean pine is a softwood that is harvested for both its timber, used for furniture and construction, and its edible seeds, which are a food staple in northern Asia. Its IUCN Red List status is “lower risk/least concern.” However, the Korean pine in Russia is an important species to the food chain in the Siberian tiger’s habitat. Hence, Russia has stepped up efforts to reduce illegal logging and export of the Korean pine.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Listed: Appendix III
Endangered Status: Lower Risk/Least Concern
Associated Risks:

P. koraiensis is listed on Appendix III of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), a listing that applies to logs, sawn wood and veneer sheets originating from the Russian Federation. All exports of the species from Russia require CITES permits.

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