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Parlatore Podocarpus parlatorei

Also know as: Parlatore’s podocarp, yellowwood, brown pine, black pine, pino blanco, pino del cerro, pino montano, monteromero

Podocarpus parlatorei

P. parlatorei is a species of one of the largest genera of conifers. It grows in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina, generally in small, fragmented forests that are among the last remaining habitat of the Amazon tucuman, for which P. parlatorei provides nesting and feeding spots.

Information about this species is thin; it has been relatively poorly studied. Although the IUCN lacks sufficient data to assign it a Red List status, CITES says the species is “considered threatened and in the absence of further information [is] appropriately listed on Appendix I". The timber is light in color, lightweight and relatively soft; heartwood is light brown or gray.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Listed: Appendix I
Endangered Status: Data Deficient
Uses: Pencils,
Associated Risks:

P. parlatorei is listed on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Major Buyer:

N/A. Appendix I species cannot ordinarily be traded in international commerce.

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