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Silver maple Acer saccharinum

Also know as: Silverleaf maple, soft maple, creek maple, river maple, water maple, white maple

A. saccharinum is a medium-sized fast-growing species native to and found across eastern North America. It is a dominant canopy species that grows along water bodies, where it provides important habitat and food for wildlife. It was historically planted as an ornamental tree, but this use has declined due to weak limbs and frequent breakage from ice and snow. Silver maple is currently used for furniture, boxes, paneling, crates, and other wood products. With proper management, it has the potential to be planted and harvested for sawtimber, pulpwood, and cordwood.

Wood from A. saccharinum is known as soft maple, generally less desirable for most uses than hard maplewood produced by Acer nigrum and Acer saccharum. Its sap can be used to make maple syrup, but has the lowest sugar content of all the North American maple species. As a result, the sap is of limited commercial importance.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Not Evaluated
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A. saccharinum is not CITES listed and at time of research, is not subject to international or national trade bans or restrictions.

Major Buyer:

Most timber from A. saccharinum is consumed domestically in Canada and the United States. Exports are primarily sent to the EU and to China.

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