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White ash Fraxinus americana

Also know as: Biltmore ash, Biltmore white ash

Fraxinus americana

F. americana is a common species of North American ash, growing to 18-21 m high. In mixed stands, where it usually grows, it produces a straight trunk with no branches for most of its length. The tree is a valuable species for wildlife; various species use it for food and shelter, and it is particularly associated with woodpecker species since the trunk has a tendency to form cavities if the top of the tree is broken.

F. americana produces a tough, strong white wood used in sporting equipment (in particular, baseball bats) such as handles and oars. It is also used in tool handles, furniture, antique vehicle parts, railroad cars and ties, snowshoes, boats, doors, and cabinets.

The tree is a pioneer species and is grown on plantations in Canada.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Not Evaluated
Associated Risks:

No particular known risks are associated with Fraxinus americana.

Major Buyer:

Wood from F. americana is widely used in the United States and, to a somewhat lesser degree, in Europe.

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