Aug 10 2018
Aug 10 2018
Forum: Generating Value to Forests in the Peruvian Amazon

Pucallpa, Peru @ Expo Amazonica 

With the objective of disseminating information and promoting dialogue and collaboration for a diverse group of actors and institutions throughout the Peruvian forestry sector, the Regional Government of Ucayali, SERFOR, CITE Forestal Pucallpa, Consortium of Wood Exporters from Ucayali (CEMU) organized a forum entitled "Generating Forest Value in the Peruvian Amazon" with the support of the World Resources Institute (WRI), GIZ, and the Peruvian NGO Rights Environment and Natural Resources (DAR), during the 2018 Expo Amazónica in the city of Pucallpa Peru.

Expo Amazónica is a trade fair dedicated to the promotion of products from the Peruvian Amazon. Our forest forum attracted a large audience from the public and private sectors and representatives from the civil society. In total, there were three panels with four presenters in the first panel and three in the second and third panels. The thematic areas of the panels were "The forest potential of the Peruvian Amazon: experiences, challenges and opportunities"; "Focus on Traceability" and "Legality and Markets".

The governor of Ucayali, Manuel Gambini was present to open the forum and participated as a panelist in the first panel, he spoke to the advances made by the forest sector in the region. To close the forum, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Edgar Vásquez Vela, shared his perspectives and commitment to help the sector grow with an emphasis on legality, conservation, and profitability of the sector.

This event was made possible by the generous support of NICFI.