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How has the Lacey Act influenced the way you do business? A conversation with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars

First off, Taylor Guitars supports Lacey and its intent. Of course, who doesn’t say they support Lacey? People announce their support whether they practice their statement or not. But, let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that none of us guitar makers were environmentalists, or cared about the world’s tropical forests.

The Year in Illegal Logging

Long a problem in many of the world’s forests, illegal logging has unsustainable impacts. It deprives governments of tax revenue. It puts law-abiding companies at a competitive disadvantage. And it negatively impacts forest-dependent peoples, not to mention the world’s biodiversity and climate.

Declarations and Due Care: Insights from Another Lacey Case

Enforcement of the amended Lacey Act has begun, both on and off the public radar. Here are tips on how to remain in compliance.