Independent Forest Monitoring in the Congo Basin: Taking Stock and Thinking Ahead

This paper discusses the key challenges faced by independent forest monitoring (IFM) organizations in the Congo Basin and proposes recommendations for practitioners, policymakers, NGOs, and donors to improve the efficiency of IFM in the region, expand the model geographically, and move it beyond timber.

World Forest ID Brochure

Much of what we buy is made from land that should not have been deforested. This is largely because the methods we use to verify where a product comes from are paper-based and open to fraudulent activity. World Forest ID has developed a way to overcome this problem by using scientific analyses to test a product’s origin based on its physical properties.

Open Timber Portal Brochure

This brochure provides key information about the Open Timber Portal, such as details on how the platform works, who the platform is intended for and why it is an important tool.

Ending Tropical Deforestation: Assessing the Timber Legality Strategy in Tackling Deforestation

Illegal logging causes forest degradation and serves as a catalyst for deforestation. Tackling illegal logging is therefore a foundation for conserving forests and biodiversity, reducing emissions from the forest sector, and sustainably managing production forestry. The extent of corrupt and illegal activities in the forest sector is difficult to document, making it difficult to monitor progress.

Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-Based Products: Version 3.2

Decisions regarding the purchase and use of wood and paper-based products can have far-reaching, long-term impacts on the forests where they are harvested and the people and industries that depend on those forests for their livelihoods and raw materials. This joint WRI/WBCSD publication provides information about 10 key issues procurement managers might address as they develop and implement their procurement policies.

Aquisição de madeira produzida legalmente: Guia para empresas

Este guia é um excerto de uma publicação mais abrangente, Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products: Guide and Resource Kit (Aquisição Sustentável de Produtos de Madeira e Papel: Orientações e Kit de Recursos), o qual fornece uma visão geral de dez questões fundamentais e recursos relacionados que devem ser considerados ao adquirir produtos de madeira e baseados em papel.

采购合法生产的木材: 业务指南

本指南为出版物《 木材及纸制品的可持续性采购: 指南和资源包摘录、 该出版物对于在购买木材及纸制品时要考虑的10大关键问题和相关资源进行了概述。

En la búsqueda de madera producida legalmente: Una guía para las empresas

Esta guía es un extracto de una publicación más detallada, Abastecimiento sustentable de productos madereros y de papel: Guía y paquete de recursos, la cual ofrece un resumen de diez temas clave y los recursos relacionados con ellos que deben considerarse al adquirir productos hechos de madera y papel.

Approvisionnement en bois produit légalement: Guide pour les entreprises

Ce guide est un extrait d’une publication plus complète, Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products : Guide and Resource Kit, laquelle donne un aperçu de dix questions clés et des ressources connexes à prendre en considération lors de l’approvisionnement en produits à base de bois et de papier.

Sourcing Legally Produced Wood: A Guide for Businesses

This booklet provides an overview of key legality issues in the global wood trade that businesses should consider when purchasing wood and paper-based products. Topics covered include trade regulations (e.g., the Lacey Act, the European Union Timber Regulation, and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition), public and private procurement policies, trade bans, and resources for meeting legality requirements.