En la búsqueda de madera producida legalmente: Una guía para las empresas

Esta guía es un extracto de una publicación más detallada, Abastecimiento sustentable de productos madereros y de papel: Guía y paquete de recursos, la cual ofrece un resumen de diez temas clave y los recursos relacionados con ellos que deben considerarse al adquirir productos hechos de madera y papel.

Approvisionnement en bois produit légalement: Guide pour les entreprises

Ce guide est un extrait d’une publication plus complète, Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products : Guide and Resource Kit, laquelle donne un aperçu de dix questions clés et des ressources connexes à prendre en considération lors de l’approvisionnement en produits à base de bois et de papier.

Aquisição de madeira produzida legalmente: Guia para empresas

Este guia é um excerto de uma publicação mais abrangente, Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products: Guide and Resource Kit (Aquisição Sustentável de Produtos de Madeira e Papel: Orientações e Kit de Recursos), o qual fornece uma visão geral de dez questões fundamentais e recursos relacionados que devem ser considerados ao adquirir produtos de madeira e baseados em papel.

FLA Newsletter No. 15 (August 2014)

This issue of the FLA newsletter includes: updates on FLA's latest activities, Greetings from the new FLA Manager: Chip Barber, The Lacey Act and the governance of the Brazilian forest sector.

Sourcing Legally Produced Wood: A Guide for Businesses

This booklet provides an overview of key legality issues in the global wood trade that businesses should consider when purchasing wood and paper-based products. Topics covered include trade regulations (e.g., the Lacey Act, the European Union Timber Regulation, and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition), public and private procurement policies, trade bans, and resources for meeting legality requirements.

FLA Newsletter No. 14 (February 2014)

This issue of the FLA newsletter includes: updates on FLA's latest activities, DNA Analysis Can Reshape Thinking on Supply Chains, Building Capacity to Implement Legal Timber Trade in Ghana.

FLA Newsletter No. 13 (November 2013)

This issue of the FLA newsletter includes: updates on FLA's latest activities, leveling the playing field for legal timber in Brazil, Lumber Liquidators raid shows companies need to heed U.S. Lacey Act.

Untangling the Paper Chain: How Staples Is Managing Transparency with Suppliers

Staples, Inc., the world’s largest reseller of office products, is in the midst of adapting its sourcing practices to ensure that its products meet not only its own sustainable procurement policy, but the requirements of the U.S. Lacey Act.

FLA Newsletter No. 12 (July 2013)

The twelfth newsletter of the Forest Legality Alliance (July 2013) feature updates on FLA’s latest activities, APHIS Lacey report released, recent publications.

FLA Newsletter No. 11 (April 2013)

The eleventh newsletter of the Forest Legality Alliance (April 2013) profiles case studies published by the Forest Legality Alliance on Honduran mahogany and IKEA's risk management approach in China. It also discusses the anti-deforestation pledges of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). An additional article suggests some lessons from the Economist World Forests Summit in Stockholm.