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Black wattle Acacia mangium

Also know as: Hickory wattle, mangium, brown salwood, mangge hutan, tongke hutan, arr, kayu safoda, kra thin tepa

Acacia mangium Acacia mangium Timber

A. mangium, commonly known as black wattle, is a fast-growing tree native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea (the island of Irian Jaya). It is an important plantation tree, used for a variety of timber and fiber applications as well as for forest management. It has been introduced in many countries, including Bangladesh, Cameroon, Brunei, India, Philippines, and Malaysia. The wood is light-brown in color and dense, with straight, close grain, making it suitable for particle board as well as for pulp, timber, firewood, and furniture. A. mangium is one of the most important component species for pulp and paper products, particularly those originating from Southeast Asia.

Currently, nearly all commercially available A. mangium wood and fiber products originate on plantations.

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Not Evaluated
Major Buyer:

China, the United States, and the EU are among the more important consumers of A. mangium end products, particularly pulp and paper

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