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Dark Red Meranti Shorea curtisii

Also know as: Seraya, meranti merah tua, jarang, meranti seraya, saya-daeng, saya-luang, lauan, Philippine Mahogany, aprit, babanganon, dark red seraya, red lauan, tampalasaha, meranti ketuko, mapais, tangile, tiaong

S. curtisii, commonly known as dark red meranti, is a large tree native to Indonesia (Kalimantan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, and can also be found in the Philippines. This species is commonly found in the lower altitudes of Hill Dipterocarp forests in coastal regions and can grow up to 130ft in height and 6ft in trunk diameter. The wood is a dark reddish brown with white resin streaks and a coarse texture. The moderately durable timber is commonly used for plywood, interior furniture, construction, joinery products, veneer, and boat-building. Its IUCN Red List status is “lower risk/least concern.”

Species Details

CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Lower Risk/Least Concern

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