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Light Red Meranti Shorea albida

Also know as: Balau, Selangan Batu, Gisok, Belangeron, Empenit Thitya, Teng, Alan, Shorea glauca, Maxwelliana, Shorea seminis, Shorea laevis, Alan-batu, Alan-bunga, Alan-Paya, Alan-Meraka, red selangan, selangan merah, meraka, seringawan

S. albida, commonly known as Light Red Meranti, is a large tropical tree native to the peat-swamp forests of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The tree grows to 65-130 ft in height and 3-6 feet in diameter. The wood is light brown to red brown with straight or interlocked grain and is highly durable and strong. The high-density hardwood is commonly used for heavy flooring and construction, vehicle flooring, exterior and interior joinery, exterior and interior paneling, furniture, and ship building.

Extensive draining and clearing of peat-swamp forests is threatening the survival of this species. Brunei may now have the largest remaining undisturbed area of forest containing S. albida trees. Its IUCN Red List status is “endangered.”

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CITIES Status: Not Listed
Endangered Status: Endangered

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